Why Advertise on is a blog about making money online through affiliate marketing, PPC, mailing lists, and other online means.  The majority of readers that visit Click Consultants includes bloggers, affiliate marketers, web entrepreneurs, and technology oriented people.  We are serving 11,000+ Unique Visitors a month with 20,000+ page views a month!  We have 1000+ RSS Subscribers and growing!

Advertising Spots and Pricing:

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Please note: We don’t allow banners with excessive animation or blinking, no flash adverts, gambling or nudity.

Zone A – 3 Rotating 468×60 Banners:

  • $15/month
  • Appears on the homepage above the newest post and also appears above all single blog post pages.
  • 3 ads max rotate in this spot.
  • Right above the newest post providing excellent visibility.

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Zone B 6 125×125 Banners:

  • $25/month
  • Only one ad per block so you get maximum exposure
  • Maximum of 6 ads displayed to limit “ad blindness”
  • The 6 Ads auto rotate to help limit “ad blindness”
  • Your Ad always shows in one of the six spots!!!

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Paid Reviews:

  • $75 dollars per review
  • A post dedicated to your site, product, or service
  • Minimum of 24 hours as top post on the blog

We offer paid reviews where for a specific price we’ll review your site, product, or service.  We can’t guarantee a positive review as this is a review and not a giant long ad!  However, you will get a well written review of your site, product, or service in the form of a post on this blog with a minimum of 24 hours until another post is posted.  You can view examples of past reviews of written by following this link.

To order a review, please send payment via PayPal using the button below and then email me at with your sites information including URL,  anchor text if any, and what you’d like me to focus on in the review.

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More options may be added at a later date.