Are You Bidding on Ready to Buy Keywords or Research Keywords

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Let’s move on to the topic in the title now.  The question I have asked today is are you bidding on ready to buy keywords or research keywords?

Many affiliates when doing their keyword research do not take the time to go through their lists or to even sit down and think about their niche before they get started.  They simply open up a keyword tool like Wordtracker or Wordze and start punching in keywords that are related to their niche.  However, you really need to take a step back as an affiliate and make sure that you’re doing your homework before opening up these keyword tools and punching away.

You have two types of searchers when it comes to people looking for products or services.  The first searcher you have is the one that is simply searching for information about a product or service.  These people are typing in keywords looking for more information about a niche.  They are trying to find the best product, price, features, etc.  They are basically shopping around.  They are not in the buying mode yet and are very hard to convert into a sale or lead as they haven’t even made their mind up yet as to whether or not they even want or need the product or service yet.

The second type of searcher you have is the searcher that is ready to buy.  They have already done their research, found which product or products appealed to them the most, found a price they were willing to pay and which features they need, etc.  They are the cream of the crop and are the ones that will convert with ease if you have even the slightest idea what you’re doing!

Of course, it’s hard to tell sometimes whether a certain keyword is a ready to buy keyword or if it’s simply a research keyword however just to give some examples, I’ll use some of the more obvious ones.

Types of Research Keywords:

  • Information on Canon Cameras
  • Digital Camera Features
  • Top 10 Digital Cameras
  • Cameras with Steady Shot Feature
  • Digital Camera Price Ranges
  • Buy a Digital Camera
  • etc…

Types of Ready to Buy Keywords:

  • Buy a Sony Cybershot DSC1310
  • Best Price for a Kodak EasyShare E915
  • Special Package Deal for Cybershot DSC111
  • Nikon SLR151 with Fast Shipping
  • etc…

As you can see most of the easy to tell ready to buy keywords get very specific in terms of the camera they want, however, as I said above there are more not to out there keywords that could still very well be ready to buy keywords.  Of course, with these types of keywords you’ll need to use some wisdom and also at times may need to actually try them out to see.

The bottom line is that you should always stop and think before you actually start your keyword research and consider what types of keywords are going to be your ready to buy keywords and which ones will be your research keywords.

Ready to buy keywords will always have a higher conversion rate if you can meet the need of the customer which allows you to bid higher on these types of keywords to start and can make the difference of having a campaign that gets enough volume and conversions versus someone just bidding the same thing on all their keywords to start.


  1. The idea is basic enough, but absolutely necessary for any AM to know, especially if you plan on generating sales.

  2. Too many n00b marketers go and grab a 10,000 keyword list and expect them to convert, and end up blowing $1,000.

  3. your definitely right – this was one of the topic of discussion at my meetup group and we discuss ready action keywords and why they differ than others. always a definite higher conversion

  4. Anyone would like to prepare a list of buying keywords?? What I can think of:

    special deal

  5. I v ebeen using wordtracker for my PPC campaigns , they seem to be doing a good job for my conversions

  6. Why do a lot of gurus advice use long tail keywords (4-5 words phrase), if there are no traffic? Just do some keyword research and collect top keywords of your niche from Wordze, Wordtracker or free adwords tool. then in Excel add to these keywords “buy”, “order”, “purchase” words… or even “buy in denver”, “order dallas”… or some other 2-3 words phrase. Then add these manually created 4-6 phrase keywords in Adwords Keyword Tool or/and Traffic Estimator. What will you see? There is “not enough data” or maybe a little impressions per month. So why to create 10,000 keywords manually with “not enough data”.
    For example, lets enter broad “loans” keyword in adwords keyword tool and choose a top searched keyword from the list like:
    keyword: [cash loans] – 27,100 (Approx Avg Search Volume)

    Now a lot of gurus, super affiliate bloggers advice to add for example, all US cities to your main keywords. Don’t believe in it. Try to add just top 10-100 US cities like:
    [los angeles cash loans]
    [chicago cash loans]
    [dallas cash loans]… You will see just “Not enough data”. And that’s all. So why to add cities, zip codes or extensions which SpeedPPC offers.

  7. It sure is vital to separate what type of words a site represents to the outside public. Having types of both keywords is alright, but focusing on either “Ready to Buy” or “Research” keywords would bring about better results, because searchers would be better directed. It tends to be better to be more specific.

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