Free CC Forums Update

Hey guys, I just wanted to give everyone an update on the Click Consultants Affiliate Forums.  I have changed it that after you register you’ll immediately have access to all the forums as soon as you verify your email.  You don’t have to wait until I approve your account or send me an email or anything now.

All parts of the forums are opened for free, except for the Learning Center.  The reason being is because as I mentioned in the previous post, it’s the part that is currently being updated.  All the old videos, articles, etc have been deleted and new ones are currently being worked on.

I’ll continue to give updates to the forums, and I can’t say exactly how long free registrations will be open, so I encourage you to signup immediately to make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity.  Thanks.

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Free Membership to CC Forums

UPDATE: You do not have to send me an email or PM any longer, now every 10 minutes accounts will automatically be upgraded to a free account and you’ll have full access to the forums.  This will all happen automatically it just may take a few minutes for it to process.  If after one hour you still don’t’ have access to the forums, please send me an email using the contact form.  Thanks!

Hey guys!  I know it’s been quite some time since I’ve posted.  It has been an extremely hectic year so far, that however is a post for another time.  Here are some quick things going on and then for the big news of this post…

First off, I’m back!  I’m going to start posting again on a regular basis, the first couple posts back will mostly be about stuff going on in my life, ideas I have for the direction of Click Consultants, etc.  So if you’re looking for affiliate marketing posts, it may take a few before I start getting back into them.

Also, I know there are still a ton of you that have emailed me asking about One on One consultations and I never responded.  I’m sorry for that, but at this time, I’m still not really taking on any one on one consultations, at least not with anyone new.  I have done a few here and there, but because of time issues I’ve kinda stopped.  The reason it’s still listed at the top is because I do still plan on doing them, just kinda taking a break from them.  If you really really really want to do some one on one with me, shoot me an email and tell me why you think I should spend some time with you and I’ll be glad to consider it, just don’t be upset if I can’t get to you right now.  Lot’s going on!

The Big News!!!

Okay, so for the big news…..The biggest thing I’m working on right now is to completely redo the Click Consultants paid forums.  If you don’t know what the forums are, they are private forums about affiliate marketing that I started as a way to help more people.  I’m redoing videos, articles, screen casts, etc…as I type this…

It will probably take me another full month or two to complete everything before Click Consultants Paid Affiliate Forums 2.0 comes out…I know long name…it will still simply be called the CC Forums 😛  Anyways, one of the things I allowed to happen is basically let the forums die.  I’m not ashamed to admit it…well I am ashamed that I did, but you get what I mean…

So in order to boost posting on the forums again, I’m giving away free memberships for life!!!  Yep, you heard right, you can sign up for the CC forums completely free.

There are a couple conditions though…You must be posting, I’m not saying you have to post like crazy, but if you’re just looking for a free membership to read and take in but not share, then when the time comes that I start charging again I’ll delete your account if you haven’t been posting.  I’m giving these accounts away for free, but only if you return the favor by helping discussion get going again on the board.

As of right now, there isn’t a lot of new posting going on, most of the old videos have been deleted since I’m creating all new ones, however, there is still a ton of awesome free information that will help you get going in affiliate marketing.

So how many free spots am I offering and for how long is this offer available?  Well to be completely honest, I have absolutely no idea!  I guess it depends on how big the response is and how many people start signing up.  I’m definitely willing to at least give away 100 free memberships.  I’m expecting the spots to fill up extremely quick, so if you’re interested, I’d recommend signing up asap and shooting me an email.  You can use the contact form by visiting this page or you can send me a PM once you sign up on the forums.

Why do you need to send me an email?

The reason you need to send me an email is because when you sign up, you won’t actually have access to any of the forums unless you pay for a subscription.  However, since it’s free, simply send me an email with your username and I’ll grant you full access!


You must have a name signed up and activated (meaning you confirmed your email address) before the system will automatically move your account to the free members usergroup.


If you’d like to help more with the forums the best thing you could do is send a tweet, post a message on facebook, myspace, etc. or create a blog post letting others know they can join the forums for free and continue to receive the subscription for free for life instead of paying $29.99/month!