Time Management on The CC Show

cc-headphonesHey guys, tonight (10:00pm EST) Max and I will be talking about affiliate marketing and the time management required in order to succeed in it.  Not only what type of time you need to get started but also what type of schedule you’ll need to keep profits growing.  We’ll be sharing our schedules a bit and the importance of prioritizing the tasks before you.  Also, is there a thing as working too much and putting too much time into your affiliate campaigns that could ultimately hurt your health, family, and believe it or not your campaigns!  That’s right, working too much can hurt your campaigns!

Anyways, it’s going to be a great show so make sure you tune in!  The show starts at 10:00pm EST and lasts for one hour!  Also as always, if you’re unable to listen live, you may always listen to the show later by visiting our profile page.  It normally takes an hour after the show is over for it to appear on the CC profile page.

Click Consultants Radio Show – Special Co-Host

Max wasn’t with us this week on the CC Show as he had some minor surgery.  Bryn from Bryn.me co-hosted with me and did a great job!  We talked this week about getting started in affiliate marketing, things you needed to focus on, what networks to use first, etc.  So make sure you give it a listen!

Thanks Bryn for helping me out this week!

Make Sure Your Tuning In!

For those of you that read this blog but have not been listening to the Click Consultants Radio show I’ve been hosting along with Max from MoneyBites.com then I’m sad to say you are crazy!  We have been releasing some mad tips, tricks, and pointers during the shows, including stuff like how to get started, lucrative niches that you should be getting into right now, ways to get around facebook approval issues, and more!

This week we had Bryn from Bryn.me on the show and we talked about Facebook Ads.  Honestly, I don’t know much about Social Media Ads like Facebook Ads or Myspace Ads, but Max and Bryn gave some great insight on them and why you should focus on them more if you’re currently only using search engines to drive traffic.

They gave both the pros and cons of using Social Media Ads to drive traffic, whether you should direct link or use a landing page, and more.

Another thing I don’t think people realize is that while this is a Live radio show that we do each week, where we actually have callers call in and a live chat room, these are also turned into podcasts within an hour of the end of each show thus allowing anyone that couldn’t make it to the show at a specific time catch up on the show later!

So how can you listen to past shows that you’ve missed?  Simple…scroll down on Click Consultants and look over in the sidebar!  There is a little blogtalkradio.com player that lists all the shows that we’ve done in the past.  Including last nights show, we’ve now completed six shows.  Each week I think Max and I get better at hosting the show, so again if you haven’t make sure you subscribe or bookmark our blog talk radio profile page and tune in next thursday.

If you just want to listen to the last show we just did last night with Bryn from Bryn.me then just click play on the little player below.

CC Radio Show – Episode 3

Hey guys, if you missed the live show you can listen by clicking play below.  Also, if you’ve noticed you can listen to any episode we’ve done so far by going over into the Sidebar on the right and using the player that is there!  Make sure you let us know what you guys thought!  We are still trying to find the best time and day, so let us know if you like Saturday or Thursday better so far!

Click Consultants Radio Show Episode 1

Hey guys, so we did the first episode of the new CC radio show.  Anyways if you want to listen to it just hit play below.  Also if you want to subscribe visit our profile page and hit the subscribe via RSS to get notified when new episodes are released to listen to after the shows. Also, let us know what you thought of the show, I know some parts were a little rough, just keep in mind it was the first show we’ve had and also neither of us have ever done this before!