Update on One on One Consultation

Hey guys, quick update, there is one more spot left at the discounted rate of $100/hour for 5 hours instead of the normal $200/hour rate.  Just read the last post if you have no idea what I’m talking about 😀

Anyways, I filled two of the spots, however, I’ve gotten about 20 emails with people asking me if I’d do smaller packages.  I didn’t really think about it, but I guess some people don’t need 5 hours.

Anyways, so since I’ve had soooo many requests to do lower, I decided that I’ll split the last spot that is open into two and a half hour sessions for $250 each.

However, if I receive an email from someone wanting the 5 hours for $500 dollars before I receive a request for a two and a half hour spot, I will take that one and cancel out the two spots.

Use the contact form or email me at derek [at] clickconsultants [dot] com

One on One Consultation

One Spot Left at the Discounted Rate!

Hey guys, I’m constantly bombarded on a daily basis with emails from people asking if I do one on one consultations.  I’ve never really advertised the fact that I do, and instead have simply offered it to members of the Click Consultants Affiliate Forum (29.99/month) and through word of mouth or by simply people that email me and ask.

Anyways, I thought that I’d finally once and for all make a page about my one on one consultations with all the information so that I could simply point people to it instead of having to answer all the emails with the same stuff over and over again.  Much easier to send a link to a blog page! 😀

After I made the page and was thinking about it, I realized that most of the people that send me the email and ask are blog readers anyways and also I thought that there might be people out there looking for it, but simply didn’t think of asking me if I offered it.

Let me say two things though, I don’t accept everyone (on the consultations page is a list of requirements) and I also have a very strict limit on how many people I’ll counsel with at a time during each month.

Anyways, if you want more infomation head over to this page which tells all about my consultation services, the price is $200 an hour, however, since I’m a little slow this month with work stuff and with consultations, I figured I’d offer a special rate to the first 3 people that email me (derek [at] clickconsultants [dot] com) or contact me through the contact form and send payment once they receive an email from me letting them know if they are one of the first three.

If you sign up for a five hour consultation package instead of the normal price of $200/hour, I’ll give them to you at the price of $100/hour.

Again this is only for the first three people that shoot me an email and then must send payment shortly after I reply with my paypal addy.

This is only a promotion for the public launch of my one on one consultation services and thought it would just be fun to give a couple people a good deal!  I do not normally offer any discounts on my consultation services even if bought in bulk because I feel that the price I give is already low enough, so if you are interested, check out the consultation page and then shoot me an email or use the contact form!

I Have a Confession…

20060717_142301Okay, so here it is, I’m horrible when it comes to taking vacations.  I’m not sure why I don’t take them more, I guess it’s just the simple fact that first off, I’m extremely cheap, and secondly since I work from home, it seems like a vacation all the time! 😛  Kidding, in all honestly I’m really not sure why I don’t take a break once in a while more often…so I decided that I’m going to start to travel a bit more.

I mean what’s the point of working from home and being able to travel and work if you don’t travel…  So I’ve been looking at a couple places to go, most likely mid to end of September, just too swamped this month and the beginning of September (now you see why I don’t take vacations, I always have an excuse 😛 ) and I think I’ve figured out where I’m gonna head to when I go.

I’ve been looking at Savannah, GA  I drove through and stayed the night there once when I was down in Florida on my way back home and I really enjoyed it.  I love the beach but it seems that when I do go places it’s always someplace like Florida.  Also I’ve been looking at their website and they seem to have some pretty cool stuff, like for example ghost tours… OOOOOoooooooo!!!  😛

Anyways, so I’m wondering if anyone has vacationed there or live near there and can tell me if they think it would be a good spot to relax.  I’m not worried about them having a ton of stuff to do, as to be honest I’m wanting to relax more than anything and not do a bunch of crap!  However, I do want it to be nice.  I heard Tybee Island is a really nice beach and it’s about 20 minutes from Savannah…

Anyways, give me some advice guys!  Seems like a cool place, if you’ve been there, anything I should check out?

Why a Lack of Posts?

Hey guys, just a quick update on some things going on…  The reason there has a been a bit of a lack of updates is because I’ve been doing some huge server work.  I had a couple dedicated servers running all of my websites, however, when I setup all these servers I was convinced by someone to use DirectAdmin instead of Cpanel.  So, I did!

Anyways, over the course of a couple years, I’ve grown more and more frustrated with using DirectAdmin and increasingly impatient with the problems it has caused, however, because there is no easy way to move all your files and databases over to cpanel, I’ve continued to hold off on doing it…  Until now…

I’ve finally starting making the big switch, I have probably a billion and one (okay a little bit of an exaggeration) websites and databases that I had to manually download all the stuff and then move.  Because not only did I move from direct admin to cpanel, but I also had to unload everything off my dedicated servers to other servers so I could have my servers redone while I was at it as well…

Anyways, things should be better now, and if you notice any problems, please leave a comment and I’ll be happy to address them…I still have some stuff to do, like update my hardware on my dedicated servers and stuff, but that’s all that stuff that I don’t do 😀  So yeah, normal posting shall resume!

Troubles With Vista – Upgraded to Windows 7

windows7-screenshotSo I’ve been having a huge problem with Windows Vista on one of my computers.  In fact, it was with the laptop that I use primarily.  For some reason, and I’ve actually heard a ton of people say this, but Windows Vista was causing my laptop to overheat!  So bad, that if I used my laptop for more than 2 hours and shut it down, it wouldn’t even boot back up again until I had given it a good 15 minutes to cool down!

It’s been like this since the day I bought it, and I searched all over the internet for a fix and couldn’t find one.  I should of taken the laptop back when I first realized the problem, but to be honest, I was too lazy to go through the hassle, and instead like an idiot, just dealt with the problem when it arose… or, I just used other computers (I have too many anyways!)

However, this laptop is suppose to be the fastest one I had, with the best processor and memory compared to my other computers, so I’ve always been kinda annoyed that it’s had this problem.  I also figured since this was a windows vista problem, getting another computer would be kinda senseless…

I heard about others saying that they just reverted their computers to Windows XP, however, to be completely honest, besides this problem, I actually really liked Windows Vista even though it’s had a ton of complaints!!!

Anyways, so I finally decided to download and install Windows 7 Release Candidate as I plan to buy Windows 7 as soon as it comes out anyways, in fact I’ll probably preorder it here in the next day or two!

So what do I have to say about Windows 7?  Well, first let me say that I believe all the hype about it being faster than Vista, I’ve definitely noticed an increase in speed in how fast it loads, shuts down, and opens programs and runs them.  Before anyone says anything, I didn’t do a complete wipe on my system, I just upgraded so it’s not because there isn’t crap on my computer, there is tons of crap on it!

Also, I love the new taskbar and how it groups things and instead of long bars, just has images of the application and groups all of those applications under the image icon.  I think it’s brilliant and can’t believe they didn’t think of it for Vista, it may annoy some people and you can change it back to the way your use to, but I don’t know why anyone would if they actually gave it a shot!

Now, do I recommend upgrading now to Windows 7?  Well, probably not if you aren’t having any problems with your current setup as I have heard a lot of people say they’ve had software issues and compatibility issues, however, I haven’t had any kind of issue at all with Windows 7 yet…(granted I’ve only been running it for about a week now)…

If you are having problems with Vista, and you’re willing to take a chance on some compatibility issues, then I say to go for it and upgrade to the release candidate and then buy Windows 7 when it comes out as I think it’s worth every penny personally.  It seems like a great solid piece of software unlike Vista.  I think Microsoft truly learned from their mistake with Vista and came back with a bang on this one!

Microsoft Windows 7 Release Candidate Download

I’m sure some of you are running Windows 7 as most of us are not only affiliate marketers, but also tech enthusiasts!  If you are, I’d love to hear what you think about Microsoft’s new operating system!  Leave me a comment!