How I Typically Get My Logo’s Designed

The following is a paid review and is completely of my own opinion and is not influenced by being paid. If you’re interested in having me review your site or product, please view my advertising page.

logomywayOne of the first impressions that visitors will get when they visit your site comes from your logo.  Your logo plays such a huge role on your website or blog, however, most webmasters don’t even pay much attention to it or even worse they try to make one themselves when they actually have very little or no design experience at all!

This is where LogoMyWay comes in, they are a service that allows you to put up a prize ranging from $200 dollars to $1000 dollars in cash + a 10% fee of the prize money that is paid to LogoMyWay (for example if you put up a prize of $400 dollars you’d actually pay $440 dollars to LogoMyWay).

After you put in all the details of what you are looking and pay LogoMyWay (They kinda act as a sort of Escrow, requiring you to put up the payment first so that the winner receives it from them.) you then have tons of designers that start submitting designs for you to judge.  After the time is up, you choose which one you like best and LogoMyWay pays the designer the prize money!

One of the biggest problems I face when I’m looking to get a logo designed is the fact that I myself have absolutely no design skills whatsoever!  In fact, normally I don’t even have the slightest idea as to what I want the logo to look like or include.  This becomes a huge problem for me when it comes to working one on one with a designer.

This is where logo contests have played a huge role in my business.  95% of the websites I create, I hold a logo contest offering money to the designer that designs the logo I like and choose.  I receive so many different options that I’ve yet to ever hold a contest and not find a design that I liked!

So what makes LogoMyWay so great?

As I stated above one of the greatest things about LogoMyWay is that you get to choose from tons of designs from tons of talented designers giving you a great mix of styles, ideas, and types.  This allows you to really get a good feel of what and where your site could go!

Another great feature of LogoMyWay is that you get to choose the price you are willing to pay in order to get your design from the range of $200 dollars to $1000 dollars.  I actually like that the minimum required is $200 dollars because this allows you to get some really top notch designers on the site.

Also, you get to start seeing designs coming in within a couple hours and you can provide feedback and constructive criticism to the designers so that your logo comes out perfect in the end!  If you see a design you like, but you’re not quite digging the colors, simply state that and most often the designer will submit a revision to your liking!  So now instead of one designer submitting you multiple revisions (and most only allow so many) you now have tons of designers submitting you as many revisions as they want in hopes of winning the contest!  Talk about awesomeness!

So what’s some of the bad stuff about LogoMyWay?

I have to be honest, I read about LogoMyWay before they approached me about doing a review for them, and I had read a couple other reviews on some others blogs including John Chow’s blog and Tyler Cruz’s blog, and one huge point stuck out to me when I was reading Tyler’s Post about LogoMyWay and also it stuck out when I was reading the pricing guidelines on LogoMyWay.

That is the fact that you can only give a prize amount up to $1000 dollars.  I think it’s absolutely crazy to put a cap on the amount that a person can put up as prize money and I honestly think it needs to be removed asap!  There have been several times when I’ve offered $1500 – $2000 dollar prizes for logo contests because I really needed and wanted something that was extremely top notch!  Also, it may of included not only a logo for the website, but a t-shirt design and business cards to go with it and to me it just wouldn’t make sense to run three separate contests as normally you want the logo to kinda go hand in hand with each product.

Also, this isn’t really a negative for me, but for some people it may very well be…  That is the fact that you must choose a winner once the contest is over.  If you don’t get a submitted logo that you like, you still have to pick one, however, I’ve never personally held a logo contest and not liked one and I also understand why LogoMyWay does it, although if you are extremely picky when it comes to choosing a winning design, this could pose a problem for you!  However, I don’t recommend that LogoMyWay changes it!

Bottom line:

The bottom line is that in my opinion, holding a design contest is one of the best ways to get a logo, business card, or t-shirt design done!  In the past this was mostly done on forums till these types of sites came around, and honestly, these type of sites have made the process so much quicker, easier, and better!  So if you’re looking for a design, I highly recommend giving LogoMyWay a chance!