What’s Going On In My Life?

So a couple posts ago, I said I was going to do a blog post letting everyone know what’s going on in my life.  So this is strictly a personal post.

First, my wife and I were not able to save our marriage, we both made too many mistakes before either of us were willing to wake up and try to actually fix it.  It was a case of both of us wanting to be right…even when we were dead wrong!  All the papers are filed, so we are just waiting on the courts now and we’ll be officially divorced, although, we’ve been separated for a year and two months now, so…yeah

Also, I decided to finish my degree.  I’m a huge fan of learning…I believe you should never ever stop learning in your lifetime and that you should always push yourself to learning as much as you can.  I had went to school went I left high school, but left when I got married and started internet marketing and then affiliate marketing.

Since my wife and I split, I had a ton of free time and I was sitting around at the house doing nothing…which is never good, so I decided I needed something that would get me out and around other people on a weekly basis…hence I decided to go back to school and finish my degree in Psychology…

If there is one thing that can help you in the business of selling, it’s probably knowing how people think! 😛

Just kidding!  Actually I just really enjoy the subject!

I’m also going to throw a post up here telling of all the big changes happening at Click Consultants (like the CC Forums becoming FREE!!!) and also all the big changes that are yet to come!  Trust me there are a ton!  So watch for that post!

Anyways, I went through a bit of a rough patch in my life after the divorce, but I’m glad to be back and am planning on being back in full swing from now on!

Where Have I Been And December Consultation Rates

Hey Guys, I’ve been receiving a ton of emails lately asking me why I haven’t posted at all during the month of November.  Also, I’ve received a ton of emails this month asking if I was going to do any consultation specials like I’ve been doing.  So this post is to answer both of those questions.

I’ve been around, no where in particular…  I’ve been doing a ton of thinking this month about my online businesses and some other things going on in my life.  Internet Marketing is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I have no plans whatsoever of ever quitting this business…  I absolutely love it!

I also have no plans whatsoever of quitting blogging here on Click Consultants.  I truly enjoy helping others make it in this industry.  However, there are a couple routes that I may take that may change how I do this.  Some will require a ton of change to the way this blog works.

Also, if you really miss me that much I’ve really been trying to use social media more, so look in the sidebar and friend me if you want to stay in touch more!

Anyways, so no matter what direction I decide to take my business this upcoming year, it will most likely affect this blog in a huge way…  I believe it will be for the best and will allow me to help even more people enter this fantastic industry!

I have a post I wrote about A/B split testing that I plan on releasing either tomorrow or the next day, but as soon as I get that post out of the way, I promise that I will write a post about some of the decisions I’ve been thinking about and hopefully I can get some feedback from my loyal readers!

Moving On… Consultation Rates for December

When I first made my consultation services public, I started offering monthly packages, however, if you remember in the very beginning, I said that I would only offer these special discounted packages if I had the time and open spots.  You see, consultations is not my business… it’s brings me in maybe $2000 dollars a month.  I don’t do it to make money, instead I’ve always done it to try to help people.

Anyways, I’ve been pretty busy these last two months, again because I have a lot of big plans for the 1st of the year and I’m trying to decide which path to take and get the work done to get there…

Because I’ve been so busy with personal projects, I had no intentions of offering any special discounted packages for the month of November or December…HOWEVER, because I’ve had so many emails bugging me, I’ve decided to free a small section of time.  5 hours total.  This is the best I could do for both months with my projects and the holidays…

Anyways, so I apologize to everyone that was wanting to get some consultations done during the month of November and December and thought that I was offering these packages every month.  I’m not!  I simply can’t get more hours during the day…I keep praying for more time in each day, but God doesn’t seem to be listening to me 😛

Good News!

Now for the good news, normally I charge $200 dollars per hour for consultations if you view my consultation page…  Every month that I’ve offered special discounted packages, I’ve charged $100 dollars an hour.

However, because I have such limited space and I feel bad that so many people are wanting to get consultations yet I’ve been unable to offer them, AND because it’s coming up to Christmas and I’m feeling generous, I’m offering these five hours at a rate of only $50 per hour.

This is the lowest I’ve ever offered my consultation services!  There is a catch though…. 😀

As you guys know, these special packages are not sold as a per hour type package.  Which means I can only offer this deal to two people…

For the month of November and December I’m offering only two packages.  Both packages are as follows.

2 and a 1/2 hours for $125 dollars.

Again, I have two of those packages available, which would be a total of 5 hours.  Normally I allow people to buy as many as they want, meaning that normally someone could purchase the full 5 hours if they want, however, not this time.  Anyone interested is only allowed to purchase one of the packages in order to allow more than one person to get the benefit of the monthly package.

Okay, this post is getting long, time to wrap it up…

One more thing I’d like to mention.  Depending on the route I decide to take with this blog and my online businesses, I will most likely not be offering any special consultation packages during the month of January as well, so if you are interested, I’d suggest contacting me as soon as possible about picking up one of the two packages listed above!

As always, it’s first come first serve… So if you’re wanting to purchase a package, use the contact form to let me know ASAP!

PS: I’ll get the post up talking about the upcoming changes as soon as possible.

25 Years Old!

Wow, so I was gonna post this early to let everyone know it was my birthday, but I ended up going to the hospital today.  Anyways, so today I turned a quarter of a century.  The big 25!

So why should you care?  Well honestly, you probably don’t!  But I do, and I want all my peeps to wish me a happy birthday!  Wahaha!

So, leave me a comment saying Happy Birthday!  I’d appreciate it!

H1N1 Virus

swine-flu-h1n1So, I got hit by the H1N1 I believe. I started getting a head cold sometime during the day on Friday. I was completely congested in my head, nose, etc. Started getting flu symptoms like the shivers, muscles ached, felt extremely week, etc. The flu symptoms didn’t really come on strong till Saturday evening.

Anyways, I’ve always been the type of person that when I do get sick, I can normally go to sleep that night and by the time I wake up the next day, I’m good! However, when I woke up Sunday morning it only got worse… I told myself that if I was still sick Monday I’d go to the doctors to get checked out cause of this whole swine flu thing…

Monday, I woke up and I was actually feeling a little better, so I decided I didn’t need to go, however, by Monday evening it hit me again, and to add on to everything else, my chest was extremely congested and I was wheezing when I’d breathe. Oh No! I figured I’d definitely go in now, cause it’s never good when you’re not breathing correctly! Of course, since it was Monday night, I decided that I might as well wait until Tuesday morning! LOL!

Tuesday morning I woke up and all my flu symptoms were gone, however, I was still having a rough time with my chest and being congested. However, being the great person I am (actually I just hate hospitals/doctors) I decided since all the rest of my symptoms was gone, I’d see what happened…

Anyways, It’s now Thursday, my chest is still a little congested, but it’s definitely getting better.

The whole reason for this post was to simply say this lol…I’m a little behind now because of this flu, so if I haven’t contacted you back yet I apologize. If you sent me an email, facebook message, twitter message, etc please be patient as I get caught back up!

One on One Consultation

One Spot Left at the Discounted Rate!

Hey guys, I’m constantly bombarded on a daily basis with emails from people asking if I do one on one consultations.  I’ve never really advertised the fact that I do, and instead have simply offered it to members of the Click Consultants Affiliate Forum (29.99/month) and through word of mouth or by simply people that email me and ask.

Anyways, I thought that I’d finally once and for all make a page about my one on one consultations with all the information so that I could simply point people to it instead of having to answer all the emails with the same stuff over and over again.  Much easier to send a link to a blog page! 😀

After I made the page and was thinking about it, I realized that most of the people that send me the email and ask are blog readers anyways and also I thought that there might be people out there looking for it, but simply didn’t think of asking me if I offered it.

Let me say two things though, I don’t accept everyone (on the consultations page is a list of requirements) and I also have a very strict limit on how many people I’ll counsel with at a time during each month.

Anyways, if you want more infomation head over to this page which tells all about my consultation services, the price is $200 an hour, however, since I’m a little slow this month with work stuff and with consultations, I figured I’d offer a special rate to the first 3 people that email me (derek [at] clickconsultants [dot] com) or contact me through the contact form and send payment once they receive an email from me letting them know if they are one of the first three.

If you sign up for a five hour consultation package instead of the normal price of $200/hour, I’ll give them to you at the price of $100/hour.

Again this is only for the first three people that shoot me an email and then must send payment shortly after I reply with my paypal addy.

This is only a promotion for the public launch of my one on one consultation services and thought it would just be fun to give a couple people a good deal!  I do not normally offer any discounts on my consultation services even if bought in bulk because I feel that the price I give is already low enough, so if you are interested, check out the consultation page and then shoot me an email or use the contact form!