Local Lead Generation – What?!?

Dentist's OfficeHey guys, my buddy Chad over at CDFNetworks just released his new local lead generation course.  I just finished it myself and I think it’s one of the best complete guides that I’ve seen on the internet about local lead generation.

Local lead generation is affiliate marketing, however, instead of using CPA networks like Market Leverage, AzoogleAds, etc in order to get offers, you find local businesses that are looking for leads, like maybe a local dentist office, and enter in to a contract with them to supply them local leads using the same methods that you are using already for affiliate marketing.

The biggest difference is that you are advertising in Google Adwords, Yahoo, etc locally instead of advertising your stuff across the entire country.

There have been several large affiliate marketers talking about this method of affiliate marketing lately at a lot of different affiliate marketing blogs, however, no one has really put together much information about it in to an easy resource.  For example, Shoemoney talked about the possibilities of local affiliate marketing on his blog.

This is what Chad has done!

His course includes an ebook that explains everything you need to know about local lead generation, but it also goes much further by including sample contracts, sales proposals, invoices, etc to help you do it correctly and so that you are taken seriously when you go in to your local dentist office…don’t want them thinking your an idiot do ya? Haha!

Anyways, it really is a great course if you’ve been wondering how local lead generation works or if you’ve been wanting to give it a go.  It’s only $79 bucks and honestly, after reading it and looking through all the stuff you get, I think it’s worth every single penny.

Your probably thinking this is another course that is just going to take your money and provide you with nothing of real value like so many courses in this industry does…however, I encourage you to at least visit his site, view his video, and read about the course before just completely writing it off!  As I said, I’ve personally gone through it and although I’ve never personally run any local affiliate programs, I must admit that I’m pretty excited to give it a try.

He’s running the program through ClickBank which means that it offers a 60 day money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied, so trying it out for yourself can’t hurt you…

Starting Your Own Affiliate Network with HasOffers (For Free)

The following is a paid review and is completely of my own opinion and is not influenced by being paid. If you’re interested in having me review your site or product, please view my advertising page.

HasOffers is changing the game when it comes to starting your own affiliate network, and the best part… You can get started for free.


Starting your own affiliate network has always been extremely costly, requiring you to have money to pay for employees, pay your affiliates while you’re awaiting your initial payments to start coming in, and paying for a platform what will allow you to manage all of your employees, offers, just to name a few!

There are few options out there besides creating your own platform including the ever popular DirectTrack which can cost you $8,000 – $12,000 dollars!  So this is what makes HasOffers awesome, you see, it’s free!  Well, at least up until you reach over 250,000 clicks a month (more than that most people will need to get started) or want features that may not be included in the free version (which there aren’t many that aren’t included already!).


Even if you need to be able to process more clicks than 250,000 a month, the next other editions are still a steal compared to anything else out there!  The Pro edition costs a whopping $99/month…yep, that’s it!  for $99 bucks a month you get access to just about every feature there is and can process a whopping 500,000 clicks a month!  If you’re needing unlimited click volume a month, the Enterprise edition costs just $799/month and that’s the most you’ll pay with the plans they have!  Now compare that to the $8,000 – $12,000 that DirectTrack costs and you can see why everyone is talking about HasOffers.

So, enough about how much it costs and why I think it’s so great, let me tell you guys about some of the features of HasOffers and you can see for yourself!

Browser Targeting

So what exactly does this mean?  Well let’s put it this way, let’s say that you’re an affiliate and you’re promoting an offer for a product that checks computer registries and cleans them up…however, let’s say that I found your site while browsing the web on my iphone…  Now obviously you can’t sell this product to me on my iphone, so with HasOffers, it can automatically detect that and redirect me to an offer that is made specifically for my needs, thus increasing the chance that I’m going to convert for you, which in plain English means… More Money For You!

Already Signed Up

Let’s say you’ve already had a visitor to your site that has signed up for your offer, however, for whatever reason, they found your site again and went through your links again, HasOffers technology will automatically redirect them to a new offer that is different so that you can still make the sale and get your commission.

Simple Yet Powerful Interface

One of the biggest things I liked about this software while messing around with the demo account they sent me, was the fact that it was easy to find everything I needed to get things going.  However, even though it was simple to find everything and navigate through the software, there are a ton of powerful features packed in there like the two I mentioned above!


You can very quickly and easily customize HasOffers so that your network has it’s own look and feel.  You can very quickly change the colors, upload your own logo, and more, in just a matter of minutes.  Customizing this software to make it your own is simple.


So does HasOffers make it completely simple to get your own affiliate network running?  Well, yes and no, it’s very expensive starting up your own affiliate network, but it does help take a huge cost away allowing you to spend that money on better stuff, like paying your employees or advertising your new network!  If you’re wanting to start up an affiliate network, realize it’s expensive, but also realize that HasOffers will help you out tremendously!  Why not give it a try, it’s free?

17.1% of Your Money is Stolen From You!

adsense-click-fraud-cultprit-foundClick Fraud is becoming a bigger problem for affiliates with each passing year!  Did you know that 17.1% of all clickthroughs on web advertisements are considered click fraud?  That means that 17.1% of the money you spend is being wasted on clicks that aren’t even going to convert for you!  Like getting started in affiliate marketing isn’t hard enough, you now must also factor in that 17.1% of the clicks you receive are garbage.

Click Forensics, a company that specializes in monitoring and preventing internet crimes, has just released their latest report stating that 17.1% of clicks are click fraud.  This is the highest they’ve seen it since they started monitoring it in 2006!

Another interesting fact is that 30% of fraudulent clicks are now coming from bots which is a 14% increase from the last quarter!

So what exactly is Click Fraud?

According to Wikipedia:

Click fraud is a type of Internet crime that occurs in pay per click online advertising when a person, automated script, or computer program imitates a legitimate user of a web browser clicking on an ad for the purpose of generating a charge per click without having actual interest in the target of the ad’s link.

In laymen terms, Either a computer bot or a person clicks on your ads multiple times in order to cost you money, or maybe in order to look at your landing pages to try to copy them, or whatever and as a result it costs you money since they clicked on your ad!  In fact, it could just be a competitor trying to get you to drop out so they can take over your spots!  The bottom line is that Click Fraud is bad news for affiliate marketers!

What can you do to protect yourself from Click Fraud?

Well, unfortunately you’ll never be able to completely get rid of fraudulent clicks.  It’s something your always going to have to deal with as an affiliate marketer, however, there are two things you can try to help lower it or keep it low.

Stay away from 3rd Tier Search Engines

3rd Tier Search Engines or Contextual Sites like Ask.com, 7Search, Bidvertiser, etc are known to have higher click fraud percentages, so one of the best ways to avoid higher click fraud rates is to avoid the smaller engines.  While this may seem simple enough, there is one problem…  What happens if these sites are making you money?  Is there anyway to fight click fraud then?

Click Fraud Software

There are several pieces of software out there that will help you monitor for fraudulent clicks and then allow you to send in an email to each company at the end of the month in order to request a credit for any fraudulent clicks it detects.  There are several different companies that do this including Adwatcher (aff link) which is the one I want to talk about today.

Here is the reason I like Adwatcher, It’s completely free to try for 30 days.  You don’t even have to enter in a credit card or anything to use the trial either!  Also, most of these services are expensive as they charge you per clicks.  If you do 1000 clicks a month it may be 20 bucks, if you do 2000 clicks a month it may be 40 bucks, and so forth, however, if you don’t mind setting up and running adwatcher on your own server (which by the way is really easy) it’s only 29.95 bucks a month for up to 50,000 clicks or 49.95 for unlimited clicks.  It’s even cheaper if you buy a 3 months or a year in advance.

Some of you will think I’m only writing this for the commission, which I’m not afraid to admit I did include my affiliate link, however, I’ve been asked multiple times which software I use to detect click fraud and also I’ve been asked numerous times if it was bad enough a thing to worry about.  So, this is the software that I actually use myself and I truly believe it’s worth every penny!

Again, try it out for 30 days completely free, you don’t even have to enter payment details and you’ll see yourself that Adwatcher is definitely one of the best Click Fraud Software out there!

Make Money Blogging with OIOPublisher!

OIOPublisher, an ad selling platform, has released Version 2 of their ever so popular plugin.  This program handles all aspects of the advertisements on your blog.  It can take care of banner ads, text links, and even paid reviews.  It basically puts your blog advertisements on auto-pilot, all you have to do is approve the banners!

This is the program I use here on Click Consultants to sell advertising and in fact it’s used by several well known bloggers including JonathanVolk, UberAffiliate, and even JohnCow.  It makes selling advertisments on a blog extremely easy.  You insert a line of code into your theme and you’re good to start selling advertising on your blog!

Again, this is an all-in-one advertising platform that handles all types of advertising and integrates easily into your site or blog, and as such, you’d think the program would cost you close to a hundred dollars, however, this software sells for only 47 dollars.  That’s right, for 47 dollars you get an advertising platform that will put your advertising on auto-pilot!

So what are some of the features of OIOPublisher?

  1. Keep 100% of the what you sell your ads for!
  2. Have Complete Control over your ads!
  3. Your Advertising Platform runs on Auto-Pilot!
  4. Possible to integrate the ad platform with any website that uses PHP
  5. Purchase / account pages are now templated, editable within the admin area
  6. Text links are now controlled via zones (like banner ads)
  7. Performance improvements – various caching options available (more to come)
  8. Full javascript ad display support
  9. Entrecard Payment option integrated

As you can see there are some great features that have been put into Version 2.0 of OIOPublisher, so if you have already purchased OIOPublisher, then I defintely recommending upgrading as it’s completely free of charge.  If you haven’t purchased OIOPublisher yet, I have some great news for you!

OIOPublisher has issued me a coupon code that will take 17 dollars off of the price of OIOPublisher thus giving you this great program for 30 dollars!  Just enter clickconsultants into the coupon field at checkout to get 17 dollars off!  You won’t find a better advertising system out there for less than 30 bucks!

ACT FAST because the 17 dollar off coupon is only good for ONE WEEK!

Which Newsletter Software Do I Use?

Hey guys, so if you read my last post on using newsletters sign ups to increase profits, you noticed I’m sure, that I never actually mentioned which software I use to send out my newsletters, track my subscribers, send out autoresponders, etc.  To be completely honest, the reason I didn’t is because I didn’t even think of including it in the post.  Anyways, since I was asked in the comments which software I use, I decided to dedicate a post on which newsletter software I use and why!

When I first started affiliate marketing and building email lists, I used a free newsletter service, however, I quickly realized that with free comes lack of features and reliability.  So after only a couple months I switched over to a paid newsletter software and honestly I haven’t been disappointed in the least with it and still continue to use it two years later!

Okay, enough of the dramatic hype…what software am I using?  Actually, I’m using what most others use, Aweber!  I know, you’re shocked aren’t you?  Aweber has continued to provide me with the best features and reliability of email delivery (for the price) out of all the services I’ve tried.  They definitely give you the best bang for your buck at only 19 dollars a month to start!  The pricing increases depending on how many subscribers you have, but the more subscribers you have the more money you’d be banking anyways, so it honestly shouldn’t be a problem.

Another great thing I love about Aweber is that they boast a 99% email deliver rate, thus ensuring your emails meet their destination.  If email’s aren’t getting to your subscribers you’re losing money!!!

Aweber also offers all the other great features you’d expect from a huge company only they offer them at a price that is much cheaper than most others!  They include features like schedule newsletters, autoresponders, signup forms for your website, unlimited campaigns, and much more.  Check out their feature page for more information on all the different features they have available.

If you’re sitting there thinking to yourself that I’m sitting here trying to get you to signup for Aweber under my affiliate link so that I can make some extra bank, you’d be absolutely correct!  However, that doesn’t mean that Aweber isn’t truly a great newsletter service and a service that you should be using if you’re trying to build up your own email lists!  So quit making excuses for not purchasing this software and just do it!