Easy and Quick to Implement PPC Tips & Tricks – Part Two

Welcome back kiddies and for those that have stumbled upon this post make sure you check out the first part to this little series for more great ppc tips and tricks.

In the first part of this little series we mostly talked about some easy ways to increase your CTR and Quality Score by making sure your ad groups were very targeted, your ad URL was targeted, and also making sure you send users to the correct landing pages which is targeted.

Shall we get started?

Research Keywords That are Converting!

While this might sound simple enough, most people don’t take the time to do this easy step. Once you create your new campaign for lets say Dating you of course have your first set of keywords that you have researched and put together into some nicely targeted ad groups.

You shouldn’t stop there though! Once you start receiving data, you should be tracking keyword conversions, you will start to find out which keywords are giving you the most conversions and with the best ROI (return on investment). So let’s say that after a week of starting your new campaign you notice that the keyword Local Singles is converting really well for you.

As an example we’ll say that the keyword Local Singles is getting 8 leads a day at $4.00 dollars a lead and your spending $12.00 dollars a day to get those leads. 8 leads a day at $4.00 dollars a lead is $32.00 dollars. So you’re profiting $20.00 dollars a day with the keyword Local Singles.

The first thing I would do as soon as I realize this from my data is go back into my keyword research tool and punch in Local Singles to see what other types of keywords I may get from it. I would then put those keywords into ad groups and continue to do the above steps for all my keywords that I find are converting.

Again, fairly easy tip yet most affiliates don’t do this and they lose out on potential income and also they lose out on the ability to scale their business!

Research Keywords That are Converting!

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  1. Charles Ngo says:

    Damn Derek you’ve really stepped it up lately with this blog. Keep it up!

  2. Hey Charles, Thanks for the compliment. I’ve never really been into blogging, mostly because my writing skills are pretty poor! However, I’ve decided to give it a real go and I’m finding out that I really enjoy it.

    Mostly because I get to interact a little with you all in the comments, so please keep your comments coming as they really motivate me to keep writing!

    Thanks again! 😀

  3. Hi Derek,

    thanks for these tips. I’m going through your PPC tips and tricks mini series of articles and found some valuable tips I’m applying to my campaigns right away. I’ve been in the affiliate business for only a month (not making profit so far) but I’m moving forward.

    Keep up this blog! I’m subscribed.

    P.S. you are talking about researching converting keywords. Would you share your tips how to track conversions? I haven’t gotten into this and I guess it’s one of the most important parts of affiliate marketing. The thing is I find it quite complicated to setup conversion tracking. I’d like to hear how you do it.

  4. I just found out that you have already written about conversion tracking here http://www.clickconsultants.com/easy-tracking-with-google-adwords 🙂

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