Easy Tracking with Google Adwords

One of the most asked questions I receive from people starting out or even people that have been in the affiliate marketing game for a couple months is what is the best way to track which keywords are converting.

Now there are tons of ways to track keywords and its not as hard as most people think, its just hard to find good information on how to do it. So, in light of that, this topic has been born. Now this post is specifically going to talk about tracking which keywords are converting in your Google Adwords account. Again there are other ways, including using PHP, subid’s, in house tracking, and more.

This method is completely free and very easy to setup which is why I wanted to show it. Your going to need a few things in order for this to work.

First and foremost, You need to be advertising an offer where the advertiser allows you to place a pixel on their website. Most CPA companies now allow this including, Azoogle, NeverblueAds, Copeac, and others. The best way to find out if your Affiliate Company does or not is to simply ask your Affiliate Manager.

Secondly, you will need to have a Google Adwords account obviously hence the blog post title!

To get started Log into your Adwords Account. Once you log in at the top in the navigation bar you’ll see a link that says Conversion Tracking. Click on that Link and you’ll see the following screen.

Google Adwords Conversion Tracking

From the Screen above, you’ll want to check the box that says Other and hit Continue. The next page you’ll see after you hit continue is this.

Google Adwords Conversion Tracking 2

On this page you are able to choose how the Google Sites Stats button will look on the offer page. I normally always just choose a white background with black text. After you have chosen this you can go ahead and hit Continue again.

On the next page you are able to select the Language, Site Security (meaning http:// or https://) and also your code is displayed that you’ll need to copy and give to your Affiliate Manager to place on the site for you. Every time I have used this it has always been http:// security. However, make sure to ask your AM first to make sure. I’m honestly not sure if it makes a difference or not.

Here is a screenshot showing the part on the third page of language, site security, and the code.

Google Adwords Conversion Tracking 3

Now go ahead and give your pixel code to your Affiliate Manager and have them place it on the offer page. They will know where it goes. After they have it placed go ahead and press continue and you’ll get a screen that says “Your new Adwords tracking setup is complete. Now, test the results.” Now of course the only way to test the results is to wait until someone clicks one of your adwords ads and completes the offer. However, if you did it the way instructed above and your affiliate manager placed the pixel on the correct page you should have no problem.

Disclaimer: Some people don’t like this type of tracking as Google has all your data on which keywords are converting. I use this method on a lot of campaigns that have been running for months and I’ve never seen anything bad happen. Its totally up to you whether you track your keywords this way or not. However, it is a FREE and EASY way to track which keywords are converting for you and if you don’t have the PHP know how or don’t wish to pay for another piece of tracking software, it’s definitely better than not tracking your keywords at all.

Also, Adwords Conversion Tracking allows you to setup tracking for your Non-Adwords Campaigns which you’ll see the link on the last page. Its called Cross-Channel Tracking. I’ve never personally used their Cross-Channel Tracking so I can’t vouch as to if its good or not, but if your not tracking Yahoo or MSN with another means its definitely worth a look!

Last but not least, here is an example of how it looks with the conversion tracking on in Adwords.

Google Adwords Conversion Tracking in Use


  1. Make Money Online says:

    Tremendous advice – I hadn’t even considered asking my affiliate manager about the possibility of placing a tracking pixel for me. The fact that AdWords can deliver the Cost/Conversion directly within its interface is such an upgrade to manual tracking.

  2. Another great factor is that you can do the same thing with Yahoo which I plan on releasing an article showing how with Yahoo Search Marketing very soon as well.

  3. Yunar - Free Stuff says:

    This is what i’m looking for a long time. I almost give up using ppc to run my affiliate program because of my tracking problem. Now i will take my second chance to do it right. Thanks Derek.

  4. Thanks for the advice Derek. Can you still use pixel tracking if you’re using your own landing page? Forwarding a Domain?

  5. Hey Andrew, yes you can. You can use a tracking pixel whether you are direct linking or going through your own site.

  6. Do you just use one pixel for all of your campaigns? Or each one you set up do you create a new pixel.


  7. YEs, but how can I get something like that tracking code , but instead of puting it in my site, I want to put it on my affiliate link to the final destination url???

    Because I have a landing page, but is just a bridge….

  8. Fake email says:


    Is there any way to track keywords of a page that is coming through Google adwords …?

    Thank you in advance..

  9. Just an observation, but you stated that you have the affiliate manager put the code on their offer page. I believe to accurately track conversions, your conversion code should be put on the Thank You Page, just an FYI.

    -The Debt-Professor.

  10. Thanks for posting. I am visiting first time this website & it has awesome information. I much appreciate it. Keep it up in future.

  11. Hello there, So is there any way possibleto track keywords of a page that is coming through Google adwords ?

  12. Hi, I would like to know if there’s an article out there which could describe how to track my keywords for PPC YSM, like the great article above on GAW, but for YASM and bing/msnadcenter?

    I’m looking everytwhere, asking to everybody. I can’t seem to find a solution. Can you please help

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