Newbie’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing – Part Two

Hey guys, Sorry for the long period of no update. I’ve been so busy working on a new project that I sort of let this series slip a little. Anyways, enough excuses lets get to the goods.

So as described in part one you should have found and setup an account with an Affiliate Network like AzoogleAds, Copeace, Clickbank, or whomever you have grown to like. Also you should have an account setup with at least the 3 major PPC Networks which are of course… Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and Microsoft Adcenter. So moving on from that we are going to talk about picking a good niche.

Now just a quick side note, this guide is going to be geared mostly towards PPC Affiliate Marketing, however, alot of the techniques can be used with any type of affiliate marketing.

Finding a Good Niche

So the first step to finding a good niche is to do some research, so what do we need to research first to find a niche that is doing well. There are several different methods that I use and that I know other people use that are doing very well using such methods. So I’m going to briefly touch on either method that I use and some good friends use instead of taking alot of time to talk about one method. The reason of course is that well not all methods work all the time.

Is the Niche Saturated?

Now the word in this context cracks me up all the time! Whenever I happen to browse a forum like digital point, Yes I occasionally check the affiliate section of DP….Don’t ask me why…, I always see someone telling someone else that they should do Ringtones, Dating, or Other HOT niches because they are over saturated. Now most of the time the reason you hear this from someone is because they tried out the market didn’t do well in it and of course had to blame it on something/someone else besides them self. Naturally Saturated is a Victim that can’t fight back, so they normally use that as the reason they failed.

The truth is, Saturated Markets mean the market is hot! Sure it may be tough to break into a Market that has competition, but a good rule of thumb is if everyone is doing it, there must be money in it! Alot of people assume that if no one is bidding on a niche its a good niche to try instead which brings me to my next method…

Look Ma No Competition!

Now another great method is to Simply start going through for example Click Bank finding products and doing a search on Google, Yahoo, or MSN and seeing how many ads appear. Now this method can find you alot of great niches that have very little competition that you can easily get into without alot of hassle or high bid prices, however there is a downside to this.

First off, you don’t know if the niche will make money. It may be that there isn’t anyone running the offer/product because it simply doesn’t sell! I know, its hard to believe, as you sit there thinking I found a niche the other day that has no competition and I know it will work, its just undiscovered…Yeah okay!

I’m not saying that because there isn’t any competition that the market will fail, but its not a fool proof method of finding a niche that will do well. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, simple as that!

Asking Your Affiliate Manager

Okay lets start off with the cons this time. First off, when you ask your manager for an offer/niche that they think will do well, first off they don’t know what you know. They may say to try Auto Insurance, however you may no absolutely nothing about auto insurance at all. Which it helps to know about your niche because when researching keywords how do you expect to know what to research when you don’t even know about your niche?

Secondly, Affiliate Managers rely alot on Numbers (ie Conversion Rates, ecpc’s, etc) and I mean they rely on these numbers alot. Now the problem is that alot of times these rations can be skewed pretty badly for example. Lets say that I run an offer and I have a landing page. Now with Yahoo when they come to search for quality they dont’ follow the links to the offer page meaning I register no hits on the Affiliate Networks side, however, if I run an offer pointing directly to the offer landing page every time yahoo hits my page Its going to count as a hit in the affiliate networking and of course Yahoo ain’t buying my product! So my ecpc will be completely different depending on whether I use a landing page or not, however, most of the times my earnings will stay the same. So be careful relying on your affiliate managers to pick offers to you.

The pro’s now! While the numbers are skewed, they can still give you a rough (and I do mean rough) idea of how the market is doing. It also lets you compare different products/services in the same niche and see which one is converting better. Also, if you build a re pore with your affiliate manager they will start to see which offer types you do well with and can then you give you more solid advice on other offers to try.

So which technique do I use?

Well the answer to this is quite simple…A little of all of them.

Here is what I typically follow when trying to find a new niche to enter.

1. Does the niche have competition?

I typically looking for a niche that has mild competition to high competition depending on the mood I’m in and how much time I want to invest in the niche. I typically personally stay away from niches that don’t have alot of competition for two reasons. First, sometimes they are duds and thats why they have no one using them and sometimes they may be great however typically if there is no competition and it does well its not going to be a huge money maker because if it was a huge product and getting tons of searches your going to see others in the niche as well.

2. Does my Affiliate Manager Know Best?

I ask my manager for niches that are doing well or that seem to be growing in popularity at a higher rate than most. (Often times if you watch carefully you can follow a niche as it hits mainstream and can get in early. Requires a lot of patience and watching 😀 ) I ask my manager for advice but its simply that, I don’t allow my manager to tell me what offers I’m going to try, I ask him for several niches that have been doing well and then I do my own research to see which one I would like to give a shot at. You tell your manager what offer your doing and then rely on him/her to help from that point. Don’t allow them to tell you want offer to do, stats are 100% remember that!

Okay, well hope you enjoyed part two and I know these can get a little long and I’m trying to keep them as short as possible, however at the same time, I really want you guys to learn some stuff from them, so I’ll try to continue to keep them short, but more than likely they will all end up like these last two. So bear with the boredom and you will be rewarded!

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