October Consultation Specials

phone-consultationHey guys, quick update.  I started publicly doing one-on-one consultations last month, when I wrote a post and added a link to the top of this blog.  I also offered monthly specials depending on the amount of my work load and how many consultations I was doing for the month.

I offered three packages last month, all of them were filled within a couple hours.  Out of the 3 people that signed up for the packages, two of them are already making a profit in affiliate marketing starting with nothing!

This month, I only have 1 spot available, however, I decided to split it in to two smaller packages this month for those not looking for soo many hours.

Instead of the normal $200 dollars an hour rate, you can get my one on one consultations at the rate of $100 dollars an hour if you purchase the package.

There are two packages each at two and a half hours for $250 dollars.  That’s a rate of only $100 dollars an hour, it saves you 50% off the normal price.

Again, these normally go fast, so if you’re interested you need to let me know as soon as possible as there are only two of these packages this month, and going in to the holidays, I’m doubting that they’ll be any during November or December at the discounted rate.  If there are, again, there will only be maybe 1 or 2 spots.

You can use the contact form listed at the top of this blog to contact me by email, I’ll email you back and you’ll need to submit payment within an hour of getting an email back from me else, I’ll move on to the next person in line in order to give everyone equal opportunity.

If you have any questions, you can email me using the contact form, or you can leave a comment, I’ll answer as soon as possible in order to give you ample time to make a decision before someone else buys up the spots!

PS:  If you are interested in buying the full 5 hours for $500 dollars, let me know in the email you send.  I’ll consider it depending on how quickly others shoot me an email, but if possible I’d like to keep it at two spots to help more people.


  1. Hey, my brother and I really want to dive into the affiliate market as we have been running PPC successfully to our own website that sells airsoft guns. We’ve read a lot and just really think it’s time to act so we would both like to take you up on your one-on-one deal for $100hr. Just shoot me back an email on how to set this up & we’ll get you the $100 via Paypal.

  2. $100 is a decent price, especially if it can help improve your business profits. It really pays off to learn from others who have been through it before.

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