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It seems like every day new affiliate networks are popping up.  It becomes almost impossible  to weed your wayprofitkings through the overload of networks in order to find those that truly stand out.  I’ve worked with countless networks throughout my career as an affiliate marketer and most times I find that smaller networks can actually be better than some of the bigger networks if they run their network correctly.  The reason for this is because they normally don’t have as many crap offers in each niche as the big networks sometimes have. Instead, if they are a smart network, they keep the number down to a good few select offers in each niche that they know converts through testing that they themselves have done.  This doesn’t mean that they don’t have loads of niches and plenty of offers within these niches, it just means that they cut out the crap stuff!  This is where Profit Kings Media comes in..

Profit Kings Media is a small network in terms of the number of actual affiliates they have compared to some networks like Market Leverage or AzoogleAds, however, this is not a reason to dismiss them and not try them out.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite.  Profit Kings Media does a phenomenal job at treating all their affiliates like super affiliates even if their not!  There are a couple ways that they do this…

  • They Pay Weekly!  Whether you’re making $3 dollars a week or $300,000 dollars a week!
  • They Offer Cheap Wires ($12 US, $20 International) and also offer free ACH’s or Checks

Another reason that I believe sets Profit Kings Media apart from the competition is that several of the affiliate managers have been or currently are affiliate marketers as well and they’ll work with you to rip apart your ad copy, landing pages, work with you on scaling and testing new traffic sources, and pretty much everything else that comes with being a successful affiliate.  The guys at Profit Kings Media actually know what the heck they are talking about unlike most affiliate networks you work with.  Again, it’s another benefit of working with a smaller network versus a larger network.  Unfortunately larger networks can’t always give you the same amount of help, because honestly, most of the affiliate managers at larger networks have never run a single affiliate campaign in their entire life!

There are a couple other points that I should mention but instead of writing a huge post that most of you won’t finish, I’ll list some of the major points in a bullet list!

  • Most of their normal payouts beat what most other networks bump affiliates up to!
  • They have a diverse range of offers within just about every vertical that you’d want to run as an affiliate!
  • They don’t send you tons of crap offers begging you to promote them…anyone know a network that sends you a daily list of top converting offers…please!
  • They are extremely personable and it’s not uncommon to even talk to the owner about an offer or campaign your running and get special treatment!

Some Things That Could Be Improved

There are a couple things that I think the network could improve, mainly with their main website.  The overall design is okay, but there is a lot of information missing that I believe should be on every serious network’s website!

First, I believe they need to have a privacy policy linked to from all the pages in the footer.  Believe it or not, a lot of people (especially affiliates cause we know how this stuff works) wants to know how their personal information is and can be used.  At least I know I do.

I’d mentioned on the homepage under the publisher section that Profit Kings pays weekly, that’s a huge benefit for most affiliates and I only noticed it after searching through the site for a minute.

Also, you should not only have the join now button on the homepage, but also under the publisher page.  A lot of affiliates may click the Publisher link to get more information or whatever, and then in order to sign up, they have to go back to the main page…

Again, overall Profit Kings Media seems like a great smaller network that has a ton of potential to grow if they keep up the hard work.  It’s definitely worth looking into them for your needs as a publisher.


  1. Great review on Profit Kings Media, I had not heard of them until I read this review on your blog. It seems that they are not doing too bad considering they’ve only been around since April of 09.

    Till then,


  2. Great review. Getting paid every week sounds like a great feature for an affiliate network. It would make it very easy to keep a credit card paid off to support PPC. I also like that the affiliate reps are affiliate marketers themselves. Most of my affiliate reps have no idea how the business actually works. They just repeat the shit their trainers have told them.

  3. John Birmingham says:

    I got burned by them for $2500 and they refused to answer any of my support questions over AIM. DO NOT USE THIS NETWORK. He tried multiple times to steal my traffic sources and he is not trusted. After requesting a late payment for 2 weeks he banned my account.

  4. “John Birmingham” is a non-existing affiliate. Nice try, this a post by Ryan Eagle – owner of EWA “Private” Network. Everyone at Profit Kings Media gets paid on time and in full. Don’t play the PR game with me.

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