Prosper202 FREE Self-Hosted PPC Keyword Tracking Software

Most of you have heard of Tracking202 from Wes Mahler.  It’s a service that’s completely free to use and allows you to track which keywords in your PPC campaigns are converting and which ones aren’t.  This allows you to bid higher on keywords that convert and get rid of keywords that don’t.  Sound pretty simple right?  We’ll believe it or not, most affiliates have a very hard time tracking keywords and most new affiliates don’t have the money for a paid tracking tool.

Also, most people don’t like that idea of sharing which keywords are converting with these companies that allow you to track for free.  For example, Google Adwords Pixel, Yahoo’s Pixel, and even Tracking202.  This is where Prosper202 comes into play.

Prosper202 is a free PPC keyword tracking application from Wes Mahler and his crew.  It’s the same people that created Tracking202 only this tool (Prosper202) allows you to host the application directly on your hosting account if your not willing or are feeling nervous about your keyword information being out there on someone else’s server.

You can visit their site for more information about the product and all of it’s features, as I’m only going to touch on a few of the products features.

  • Works with Every Single PPC Network Out There!
  • Cloaks Keywords from Advertisers and Affiliate Networks keeping them a secret!
  • Works with Landing Pages or With Direct Linking!

Again, it seems like a great tool, I’ve only been able to play around with it for a little while but I definitely think you should check out the service being provided by Prosper202 if your in need of a great keywords tracking application.

Also, just to give you guys a little recap and to give a little more insight on some of their other “202” tools they have available…

  • Tracking202 – PPC Keyword Tracking tool that is completely FREE of charge.  This application is hosted on their servers.  Good if you don’t have a server to put Prosper202 on and you wanting to use this program.
  • Prosper202 – Same thing as Tracking202 only you can use this version on your own server thus allowing you to keep all your secret ninja like stuff from getting into the wrong hands.
  • Export202 – Allows you to easily convert campaigns from one PPC campaign to another.  Currently works with Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and MSN Adcenter.  Again this program like the other two is completely free to use.

Again, I think Wes Mahler and the team are doing a great job and I can’t wait to see what other tools they release under the “202” brand.


  1. This is perfect for me since I’m just getting into affiliate marketing and PPC work so I feel a step ahead of everyone else. lol Thanks for the review/post.

  2. Great. I would be hesitant to employ a solution like Tracking202 simply because a 3rd party would then have a full view into my affiliate marketing campaigns.

    Prosper202 eliminates this worry and should be a great addition. Thanks to Wes and team for this!

  3. I was just looking for a better way to track my campaigns after I have launched them.


  4. Has anyone got feedback of this software by any chance?

  5. They have zend coded program. what is the guarantee that they are not stealing our campaign details? I will not trust them.

  6. Wes ( says:

    T202 is awesome. And @Webguy: the new version of Prosper202 doesnt have Zend guard anyymore. Its open source. I know these guys personally…they could care less about your campaigns. They just want to make worldclass affiliate marketing software.

  7. Derek,

    I love Prosper202! Sure it has its limitations and I wish Wes and Co. understood database programming methodologies more, but it really is the best thing out there for doing this type of tracking.

    I am so fond of the software that I actually had my coder help me create an set of data analysis tools to use with Prosper202 and Tracking202 data. I’d love to get your feedback on these adjunct tools as I am always looking to make them better. They can be found here:

    To use the tools you just export your campaign visitors data from the Visitors tab of P202 (or T202) and then upload it to this tool for analysis. The resulting information will help you build or refine your negative keywords list, create a day parting schedule, and identify hot key phrases and geo targets which convert the best for your offer… all using your conversion history.

    Check it out and i’d love to hear from you on your thoughts…



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