Setting Goals for the New Year

Another year has come and gone and your still stuck in the same spot when it comes to your business.  You’ve tried to conquer, you’ve tried to dominate your niche, but you just didn’t seem to accomplish much.  What did you do wrong?

Maybe all you need in order to succeed is to create some goals for yourself.  Goals are an extremely important part of having a business, I believe that with all my heart.  Setting goals has helped me push past adversities and laziness and accomplish what I needed in order to reach those goals.  However, if goals aren’t done properly they could very well be ineffective!

Write Your Goals Down!

writing-goalsThe biggest and first mistake you can do when you are setting goals for yourself is to not write them down on paper.  In your head may be great, but having your goals written down and posted in a place where you can see and read them everyday is even better!

Writing your goals down makes you define your goals more clearly and also encourages you to state in greater detail exactly what you want by accomplishing your goals!  Also, by writing down your goals it becomes a written contract to yourself which usually causes a personal motivation to appear which causes you to want to achieve your goals!

Be Specific and Tell a Story!

When I write tell a story, I mean putting down on paper exactly what you need to do in order to accomplish your goals.  Too many times I’ve written down goals on a piece of paper that looks something like this…

goalsMy Goals for 2009

  1. Buy a New Car
  2. Increase my Business by 200%
  3. Get a Loan and Buy a House
  4. Get my Savings Account up to $50,000 in savings
  5. etc…

Now, while I wrote my goals down, I wasn’t very specific.  However, by writing my goal list with a little more detail it may provide me with motivation during those hard times by listing exactly what I want, thus allowing me to picture them in my mind!  In fact, you could even include pictures of your goals (if possible) into your list to really hit a home-run!  If I was to add more detail to my goal list, it may start to look something like this…

My Goals for 2009

  1. Buy a New Mazda 6
  2. Increase my business so that I’m making 10,000 dollars instead of 5,000 dollars a month.
  3. Fix my Credit so that I may get a home loan to purchase a 3 bedroom, 1 bath home with a good sized yard!
  4. Increase my savings account total from 15,000 dollars to 50,000 dollars by the end of 2009!
  5. etc…

goals3As you can see, I laid out exactly what I wanted and was very specific about it. By doing this, when I look at my goal list I can now visualize my goals in my head and possibly motivate myself!  Also, it allows me to see that the goals may not be as hard as I may of originally thought.

For example, in my first goal list, I said I wanted to having 50,000 dollars in my saving account by the end of the year.  I didn’t say that I already had 15,000 dollars in my savings account.  In the second goal list I made that clear which says that I only need to really raise 35,000 dollars in a year to complete that goal!

So are we done?  Is that what your finished goal list should look like?  Absolutely not!  While we are now getting somewhere, you still have some work to do!  Now that you know exactly what you want, you need to lay out a plan and explain to yourself how you’re going to get there!  The more detail you go into, the great the chance you’ll be successful in accomplishing your goal!  So after adding what I need to do to achieve my goals, my list may start to look something like this…

My Goals for 2009

Buy a New Mazda 6

  • Get several quotes on the monthly payment for a new Mazda 6.
  • Get several quotes on insurance premium on a new Mazda 6.
  • Adjust budget to compensate for extra monthly payment.
  • Put away 2,000 dollars in a special account in case I have a couple bad months I’ll still be able to pay the payment and insurance for a few months.

Increase my business so that I’m making 10,000 dollars instead of 5,000 dollars a month.

  • Take a step back and see what projects are working really well for me and which ones aren’t.
  • Possibly get rid of projects not making enough and instead focusing that time on ones that are working well that I may be able to expand.
  • Enter 2 new niches a month to try to find some new revenue streams
  • Look for opportunities outside of affiliate marketing to increase my income and also diversify it.
  • Work 2 hours extra per day during the weekdays and 1 hour extra a day on Saturday and Sunday.

Fix my Credit so that I may get a home loan to purchase a 3 bedroom, 1 bath home with a good sized yard!

  • Pay off Capital One Credit Card
  • Pay off an old cell phone bill from my teen years
  • Pay off etc…
  • Redo my budget to allow me to start putting away 1,000 dollars a month into a special account towards a down payment on my house.
  • If I’m unable to budget the 1,000 dollars out of my 5,000 dollars a month I have too many bills and need to start getting stuff turned off, extra cell phones, all the extra cable channels, etc (*wink wink*)


You get the picture!  You need to know what exactly you need to do in order to reach your goals.  When you break down your goals they become much more manageable and it allows you to see that your goal very well is possible with a bit of hard work and dedication!

If your goal list doesn’t look like the last one we just did, you need to get it back out and rework it till it does!  Below is a excerpt from a blog I read that I had saved.  I would link to the original article but I wasn’t able to find it again.

In 1964, all members of the Harvard Business School graduating class stated that they have, at graduation, clear goals that they want to accomplish in life. Among them, 5% took the time to write it down on paper. In 1984, a follow up study was done and it was discovered that 95% of those who wrote down their goals were able to achieve them within 20 years. Among the “lazy” majority, only 5% of them were able to reach their expected goals.

An earlier study in Yale University also had similar results. This time, only 3% of the 1953 graduating class made written goals. Twenty years after, in 1973, it was found out that this 3% of Yale graduates were able to accomplish more goals than the rest of the other 97% combined.

As you can see, writing down your goals can mean the difference between succeeding and failing in your business.  So while it may seem stupid, funny, or your just plain being lazy, you need to get over it and write down your goals!  We are talking about your business here!

Good luck in 2009 and I hope you meet every single one of the goals you write down!

Happy New Year!

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  1. So you only make $5k a month? if that’s true wow I cant believe people pay you to get advice

  2. Hmm, nope I make a lot more than 5k a month 😀 I was just doing an example of a goal list. None of those goals are actually mine, as I already have all those goals, I was just trying to think of something that newer affiliates would be thinking of.

  3. I am very impessed by the goals wearing a brassiere.I wanna the same.

  4. Play Games Win Prizes says:

    Setting huge goals is the thing for 2009, so I see everyone setting huge goals 😀 With the economy so bad, it would be smart to do the best online this year.


  5. It’s okay to have huge goals, but you must also have steps to get you to those huge goals else they’ll seem so far away that most will fail at ever reaching them!

    It would be like buying a car and saying now you must pay 10,000 dollars for the car, most people wouldn’t be able to do it, however, if they said you had to pay 150 dollars a month, that then allows people to buy the car for the same price…

    I know that’s not the best example but hopefully you get the picture.

  6. Seriously speaking I’d rather think to concentrate myself on goals in the online market so popular at the moment of being.My last year huge goals were in the estate market.

  7. Lol, glad you liked the picture! I thought I’d throw in a couple of those for some laughs 😀

    Also, yeah I believe with all my heart that 2009 will be a great year for affiliate marketers. Whether we are in a so called recession or not! So I’d definitely recommend getting started and getting started early!

  8. I have setted a goal that i should earn more through online as i am beginner to the making money online!
    And i have an idea to earn through affiliate marketing which i am planning to start with in few days!

    thank you!

  9. Great post. I definitely need to layout goals for 2009 and make them that specific. I’m new to this game so I wanna be a pro at this by the end of 2009 and then can help others like you do.

  10. Excellent and timely post, Derek. The key is to break down larger goals into specific steps and then set measurable yardsticks to measure your progress.

    So what are some of your actual goals for 2009?

  11. that is all big big goals. I only have one goal. Get my online income to four figures. I wish you all the best for your goals.

  12. freeonlinegames says:

    well peronally i do not set any goals , i take it as it comes and i just keep hard working and focus on whatever i do.

  13. How much money do you make online? I’d venture to say less than 5k a month…and the reason above is part of the reason that’s the case.

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