Sometimes It’s The Small Things!

I think we sometimes forget as affiliate marketers just how much the small actions we do can increase conversions or click through rates when it comes to our landing pages.  We always worry about split testing the main headlines, the big picture at the top, the call to action phrase or button, etc.  We focus on these huge things because just by increasing one of them we can possibly raise our conversion rate or CTR by 5% or even 10%.

However, there are only so many big things we can change.  When it comes to small things though, we have tons of little settings we can fool around with like colors we can change, or certain words we bold, italicize, or highlight, etc.  Each of these small things may only raise our conversion rate or CTR by 1% or even .5%, but if we do 30 of these small things we could raise our CTR or conversion rate by 30%!!!

So what exactly are some of the small things that we can test?  Did you know that certain fonts convert better than other fonts?  Did you know that certain background colors convert better?  How about the fact that by bolding or italicizing a couple words throughout your landing page could increase conversions?

Have I sparked your curiosity yet?  If so, then hopefully the list below can kinda be a checklist for you to help you remember to check the little things when you are split testing your landing pages…

Things to Split Test on your Landing Page:

  • Split test what font you’re using!
  • Have you split tested your background color?
  • Have you tried to bold or italicize certain words or phrases that could help sell users?
  • What about underlining certain things?
  • Are you linking to the offer page throughout your article?
  • Are you including a Go Back To Top Link at the bottom of your landing page or another Button or Link at the bottom to take your user to the offer page?
  • Don’t forget to add testimonials to help build trust with your visitors if your niche allows for them.
  • Can you include any endorsed by, affiliated with, or as seen (in, on, at) buttons?  For example, As seen on Oprah or Endorsed with the Good Housekeeping Seal!

The list above is just a couple of the “small things” you could be doing and adding to your landing pages in order to increase conversions and CTR’s.  If you aren’t doing them, you need to start!  If you are using them then good for you!

If you have any other “small things” that you know of that work well in increasing CTR’s and Conversions I’d love for you to share them with me in the comments below.  It’s the smalls things that sometimes make huge differences!


  1. RideSwitch says:

    Hey Mystickal, good article. One question, how do you track the result of your split testing? Spreadsheets, an off the shelf program, in house program or just in your head?

    Thanks, RideSwitch

  2. I simply figure out the results in my head real quick, (I’m really really good at math) then put my numbers in a spreedsheet to keep track of them. I don’t use a program for split testing my landing pages.

  3. Its funny you write a post like this as I was JUST thinking about getting some small revenue streams set up. If you set up 10 websites that each make 10 dollars per day, thats $3,000 per month total extra in your pocket. Good post Derek.

  4. As far as CTR goes, I always include my keyword in the headline of my ad. This means I write a lot of ads, but it really improves my CTR.
    I have had small improvements in conversions on my landing pages by placing small pictures or banners beside the links to the offer page.
    I guess it catches the eye better.

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