Starting Your Own Affiliate Network with HasOffers (For Free)

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HasOffers is changing the game when it comes to starting your own affiliate network, and the best part… You can get started for free.


Starting your own affiliate network has always been extremely costly, requiring you to have money to pay for employees, pay your affiliates while you’re awaiting your initial payments to start coming in, and paying for a platform what will allow you to manage all of your employees, offers, just to name a few!

There are few options out there besides creating your own platform including the ever popular DirectTrack which can cost you $8,000 – $12,000 dollars!  So this is what makes HasOffers awesome, you see, it’s free!  Well, at least up until you reach over 250,000 clicks a month (more than that most people will need to get started) or want features that may not be included in the free version (which there aren’t many that aren’t included already!).


Even if you need to be able to process more clicks than 250,000 a month, the next other editions are still a steal compared to anything else out there!  The Pro edition costs a whopping $99/month…yep, that’s it!  for $99 bucks a month you get access to just about every feature there is and can process a whopping 500,000 clicks a month!  If you’re needing unlimited click volume a month, the Enterprise edition costs just $799/month and that’s the most you’ll pay with the plans they have!  Now compare that to the $8,000 – $12,000 that DirectTrack costs and you can see why everyone is talking about HasOffers.

So, enough about how much it costs and why I think it’s so great, let me tell you guys about some of the features of HasOffers and you can see for yourself!

Browser Targeting

So what exactly does this mean?  Well let’s put it this way, let’s say that you’re an affiliate and you’re promoting an offer for a product that checks computer registries and cleans them up…however, let’s say that I found your site while browsing the web on my iphone…  Now obviously you can’t sell this product to me on my iphone, so with HasOffers, it can automatically detect that and redirect me to an offer that is made specifically for my needs, thus increasing the chance that I’m going to convert for you, which in plain English means… More Money For You!

Already Signed Up

Let’s say you’ve already had a visitor to your site that has signed up for your offer, however, for whatever reason, they found your site again and went through your links again, HasOffers technology will automatically redirect them to a new offer that is different so that you can still make the sale and get your commission.

Simple Yet Powerful Interface

One of the biggest things I liked about this software while messing around with the demo account they sent me, was the fact that it was easy to find everything I needed to get things going.  However, even though it was simple to find everything and navigate through the software, there are a ton of powerful features packed in there like the two I mentioned above!


You can very quickly and easily customize HasOffers so that your network has it’s own look and feel.  You can very quickly change the colors, upload your own logo, and more, in just a matter of minutes.  Customizing this software to make it your own is simple.


So does HasOffers make it completely simple to get your own affiliate network running?  Well, yes and no, it’s very expensive starting up your own affiliate network, but it does help take a huge cost away allowing you to spend that money on better stuff, like paying your employees or advertising your new network!  If you’re wanting to start up an affiliate network, realize it’s expensive, but also realize that HasOffers will help you out tremendously!  Why not give it a try, it’s free?


  1. This is a very tempting offer. My buddy used to run an affiliate network and made really good money from it. Of course with so many affiliate networks out there, you have to offer something unique or special.

  2. You’re right. There is a lot of affiliate networking sites so achievieng some kind of success that can give back money is a difficult task. I don’t know is this free offer can be enough to get people attention?

  3. Starting an affiliate business is really a good feeling for experienced internet marketer. I want to start my own affiliate network, also if possible please add the sources where we can make joint venture and can fetch their offers too.


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