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white-fire-affiliate-networkThe following is a paid review and is completely of my own opinion. If you’re interested in having me review your site or product, please view my advertising page.

I was contacted by White Fire Media  a couple weeks ago and they requested me to write a review of their network.  One thing I love about this business is working with new people and looking at new networks when they pop up so naturally I accepted!

One of the greatest things about checking out new affiliate networks is when you find one that really stands out and does a great job, has great staff, and offer some awesome payouts on their offers!

When you first sign up for White Fire Affiliate Network and log in you’re presented with the a standard looking user dashboard.  It’s actually quite a simple interface which I like.  It doesn’t add a ton of fluff and is pretty easy to navigate.  At the top there are five links, Home,  My Account, Request Offers, My Offers, and Reporting.  In the sidebars there is Featured Offers, New Offers, News, and your affiliate manager contact details.  That’s pretty much it!


One of the weird things though was that whenever I clicked on any of the Featured Offers or New Offers links, I got taken to a page that said “No Offers Found”.  Definitely something they need to get fixed asap!

Again, the interface is pretty simple and straight forward.  It doesn’t seem to have a ton of bells and whistles but I actually think it’s quite nice that a network isn’t focusing on eye candy and instead on their network.


In order to add offers to the My Offers section, you actually have to first go to the Request Offers section.  If you click on Request Offers you’ll be presented with a page like the one above.  It will have the offer names, the average rating, what countries you can promote the offer in, the payout, etc.  Again, pretty simple and self-explanatory which is nice.

Additional Details

I actually had an extremely hard time finding any details about how they pay and when.  This is definitely something that they need to address.  They need to make a page, either include it on their publisher section of their site, or create a frequently asked questions section which lists this and other important information.  It definitely will prohibit affiliate from signing up if they don’t’ understand when and how they will be payed.

Also, they need to include information about whether or not they do wires, if they cost anything, if there is a certain amount the affiliate must make before they’ll get paid, etc.

Payment details is probably the single most important thing that a network needs to have in an easy to find spot on their site!

Another nice feature is that they pay 4% for life on all referrals to their network.  Since I was paid for this review, I didn’t include my referral link in any of the links to their site, but you should definitely take advantage of it!

Bottom Line

Overall, White Fire seems like they have a quick, simple interface with some great offers!

They definitely need to supply some more information for their publisher’s in an easy spot like a FAQ.

The owners really seem to know their stuff when it comes to affiliate marketing and have always been quick to respond to me when I had a question or concern.

They are still in their infant stage, and sometimes this may be the best time to jump on with a network as you’ll get a ton of one on one support from the guys that really know their stuff!

I’d definitely recommend checking them out, and if you have any problems contact Jeff and tell him I sent ya!


  1. Thanks Derek again for the review!

    I’m Jeff, the owner of White Fire Media. I feel it important to note, I owe some of my personal affiliate success personally to Derek as back in early 2007 I was apart of his coaching forum.

    To touch on some criticisms, yes the featured offers a broken offer on their unfortunately. We currently have a new, ‘news feed’ being implemented for to make it easier and quicker to let our affiliates know what offers are working well, where and how to promote them.

    To clear up confusion, all affiliates are placed on Net30 payment terms initially. Obviously once we know you’re sending quality traffic we are happy to bump you to more frequent terms.

    If anyone has any questions or want to get their app on the fast track for approval please get with me on AIM: WhiteFireJeff. I’m online the better part of the day, seven days a week. I’m happy to help you with any questions you have.

    Again, thank you Derek! and I look forward to seeing some new faces signing up!


  2. They have a frickin sweet logo

  3. Haha, yeah they really do! I actually had that same exact comment in my head when I started reviewing their network!

  4. I always like a very clear indication as far as payment terms are concerned.

  5. Sounds interesting, how many publishers and advertisers have they got roughly?

  6. I agree about the home logo, great stuff, they look like a good marketing company with some fresh ideas, thanks for the post.

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