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I wrote a guest post over at The University Kid the other day entitled Why You Suck – You’re Not Using Video for Affiliate Marketing. The post got a pretty well response and I had several people email me asking me what type of video camera to use to record video for their affiliate sites, so I decided not only to let them know which video camera worked well, but also offer to give one away completely free!

The Creative VadoWhat is the Creative Vado?

The Creative Vado is a pocket sized video camera that you can easily take with you anywhere and easily record videos onto as it has an internal hard drive. It is very similar to the Flip Video Ultra that everyone is talking about, only it has just recently been released!

The reason I like and am offering a Creative Vado instead of a Flip Video Ultra is because of a couple reasons…

  • I think it looks sleeker and cooler!
  • Instead of taking 2 AA batteries, it has a rechargeable battery!

You can read about the Creative Vado here!

Anyways, now onto the Contest!

The University Kid and Click Consultants proudly hosts the Win a Creative Vado!

How to Enter!

In order to enter the contest to win the Creative Vado, you must do two things!

  1. You need to subscribe to both the Click Consultants RSS Feed and The University Kid’s RSS Feed.
  2. You need to write a blog post with the following theme! How I would use the Creative Vado to help myself make money online! You also need to link to both the Click Consultants Contest Post and The University Kid’s Contest Post in your blog post so that others can easily find out how to enter the contest!

Jason and I will then judge the blog posts and decide which one we think is the best and will award them the Creative Vado!

The DEADLINE for this contest is June 28th and the winner will be announced on July 1st!!! So subscribe to the two feeds and get your blog post submitted!!!

NOTE: Please make sure to leave in either my comments or Jason’s comments a comment with a url to your blog post!!!

Best of Luck!!!


  1. Sadek Jake Alam says:

    thaks alot for the offer. contest sounds achievanle.

    Here is my post. thank again.

  2. Sadek Jake Alam says:

    hey i participated. check my post at my blog. thank u guys.
    hope you make me win 😛

  3. Sadek Jake Alam says:

    sorry for the multiple comments. the box was not working when i commented.

  4. I do like the rechargeable battery a lot, definitely a prize worthy of two hosts, eh? 😀 Thanks for continuing to offer such great incentives.

  5. Richard says:

    Hi there,

    Great idea for a competition and I really put a lot of effort into my post – I hope it offers real value to my readers and yours, even if it doesn’t win.

    The URL is:

    Keep up the great work!

  6. thanks!

  7. great im glade to see some peoples are generous

  8. wow how cool i love to try and win this i could realy use this thanks

  9. Great contest and Cool prizes ! Can i enter from Italy ? I have two blog can i enter with both blogs ?

    Thanks !

  10. Hey Vincenzo,

    Sure, feel free to enter – you’ll need to put up a killer blog post though 😛

  11. Found out about this just in time! I have subscribed to both RSS feeds, and my article is at

    Great site you have here by the way, I’m glad I found it! ^__^

  12. I subscribed both feeds via mail ! my post is here :

    I hope it is right !

    Thanks !

  13. I really want it :), so have written my post, just in time….. wish me luck!!

  14. daniele91 says:

    This is my entry:
    I hope thet I’m not wrong!..

  15. daniele91 says:

    I subscribed both feeds! This is my entry:
    I hope I’m not wrong!

  16. Hi ,

    the link to ” Click Consultants Contest Post ” in your post don’t work !

  17. Phew! Last minute but I made it!

    I wrote my post at

    and I already subscribed to both feeds…

    Wish me luck!


  18. Great contest, nice to see one that doesn’t use the flip 🙂

    Here is my blog post:


  19. I subscribed both feeds with my yahoo mail

    my post is here :

    Bye from Italy!

  20. I subscribed both feeds with my yahoo mail

    here the post:


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