Yahoo Search Marketing is Retarded!!!


Sometimes I think Yahoo, by Yahoo I mean Yahoo Search Marketing, is retarded. They do the stupidest things and without doing it properly.

As most of you have probably heard by now, Yahoo Search Marketing has changed the way the minimum bid works. It’s no longer fixed at $.10 like it has been, now it could be higher or lower for each specific keyword depending on two major factors according to Yahoo’s Blog and I Quote…

Quality—High quality generally means that your ads are being clicked more often, relative to your competitors. We try to reward quality with higher rankings and lower costs, and now, potentially, with lower minimum bids.

Value—We look at a number of things to determine what a keyword is worth: for example, how many advertisers are bidding on your keyword, and what they’re willing to pay for it.

Now, there are some people that are sticking up for Yahoo basically saying we have seen this coming, they are trying to be more like Google Adwords, etc… My response to them is…

Your just as retarded as Yahoo!!!

Here is why I disagree with what Yahoo is doing and people that support it!

First off, Lets take a look at the line about Value. They are basically saying that ads that are clicked more, are relative to competitors deserve to pay less for keywords so instead of .10 cents they may only pay .06 cents. Now, I understand this for the most part and yeah I’ll give points since this is kinda something similar to how Google Adwords works, however, there is one big flaw here!

I have yet to hear of someone actually paying less than .10 cents or even having a keyword where the minimum bid is less than .10 cents. Also, you must have a good enough algorithm to do this. Google’s Adwords algorithm isn’t perfect but it works for the most part, whereas Yahoo’s advertising algorithm blows balls! BIG TIME!!!

I’ve had ad groups that work perfectly in Adwords, however, when I put them into Yahoo I have ad quality scores of 2 or 3 bars out of 5 bars. Yet, I can just throw a bunch of keywords into an ad group and just make a bunch of general ads and have 5/5 bars for my ad quality score. Do they really feel their quality algorithm is good enough?

Let’s talk about the second part of that quote, the part about Value. To me this is simply stupid, it doesn’t even make sense to me! I’m not sure if they just didn’t explain it properly or if their really this retarded. Basically what I get from this statement is that they will set minimum bids on keywords if they feel they should get paid more for that keyword. Lets say for example the keyword Insurance, Yahoo is basically saying we feel that we should get at least .40 cents per click from the keyword Insurance so we are raising your minimum bid to match what we feel the keyword is worth.

ROTFL!!! Are you serious???

Again, I’m not really upset that they have taken away the .10 cent minimum bid, my problem is that they are not doing it correctly, you can’t expect something to work when your algorithms don’t allow for it. Yahoo needs to fix so many other problems before they start worrying about quality scores and all of that.

Yahoo is reminding me more and more of everyday. They need to quit being retarded!


I would love to hear your opinions on this recent change that YSM has implement, so please leave a comment letting me know what you think.


  1. WayneDog says:

    Yep leave it to yahoo to blow it again. They still can’t even get ads approved in a timely fashion, their quality algorithm is an absolute joke and now this.

  2. Well like I said, is not so much the fact that they are trying to have a quality score algorithm like Google Adwords. It’s the fact that as you said their quality algorithm isn’t good enough to have a minimum bids policy. They need to fix the problems before they try to do this.

    I have nothing against them doing it, they just need to do it correctly. Yet, this is how Yahoo always does things so why should I be surprised!

  3. I tried to put a campaign for flowers 3 days before Mother’s day and Yahoo approved it 2 days after. L-A-M-E!

  4. you are correct this is how they do it nothing to get surprised. they are really slow to process ads and what not. they need to fix it out otherwise they are Just gone.

  5. This seems better than doing yahoo SEO – I still cannot get to first place for a certain keyword.

  6. Man, if yahoo can get their heads screwed on all right, then things would be so much easier!

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